Museum quality huge complete oldest know ginkgo fossil leaf best I ever seen

My specimens are genuine and will be delivered with a “Certificate of authenticity, age and origin” and scientific papers copy allowing bought plant identification! Please note – a very heavy package up to 4 kg!! (Cambier & Renier 1910) Boureau 1967 – Extremely rare – huge, complete ginkgo ancestor leaf – best I ever seen!! […]


SiS MY BEST EVER Wyoming Petrified PALM Wood 12+ Round RARE & WONDROUS

This is by far the best Wyoming petrified palm slab I’ve ever offered. Don’t let this one get away! This is a rarely seen and highly desirable petrified wood collectible from the desert planes of SW Wyoming. It’s a large and complete trunk cross section from a perfectly preserved petrified palm tree! It’s absolutely fascinating […]