Amazing Gnarly Natural Tuolumne River Rough Agatized Petrified Wood 4+ Lbs

This piece features a twisted shape and patterns that make it a unique and one-of-a-kind addition to any collection. It is sourced from the Tuolumne River in California and has been river tumbled and preserved to showcase its natural beauty. Ideal for collectors of rocks, fossils, and minerals, this piece is perfect for those who […]


1916lb Amazing Big PETRIFIED WOOD FOSSIL Agate Slice Display Madagascar H640

An amazing big size petrfied wood fossil slice! Can be used as an table slice or specimen display! High quality and polished well two sides! Original cut surface texture of tree! 1916lb Amazing Big PETRIFIED WOOD FOSSIL Agate Slice Display Madagascar H640. About the pictures color. All pictures are in accordance with the item shoot […]


Amazing Large Agatized Petrified Polished Wood Limb Found Southwestern Wyoming

This is a Very Nice large rare agatized petrified wood limb specimen which was collected from Southwestern Wyoming. This beautiful specimen has been cut and polished on one end. This piece measures 5.71 inches long by 3.55 inches wide and weighs 2 pounds 10 ounces. This agatized petrified limb would be an excellent addition to […]


AMAZING! Polished Petrified Agatized Wood Limb With Calcite! Southwestern Wyoming

This is a very amazing rare petrified agatized wood limb specimen which has some calcite and a bit of petrified algae on the outer surface and which was collected from Wyoming. This gorgeous specimen has been cut and polished on spots on both ends and has beautiful botryoidal agate. This piece measures 5 inches long […]


Amazing RARE Petrified Wood Specimen Slab Gingko State Park Vantage Washington

Beautiful Petrified Wood Specimen Slab Near Gingko State Park Vantage Washington. Please Read This Entire Description. Spectacular slab from outside Gingko Petrified Forest State Park in Vantage, Wa. Beautiful features and exceptional bark. Please check the pics carefully. I tried to get the best angles I could. Originally, these came from a man who told […]