Arizona Rainbow Petrified Wood Natural Slab Rough Raw Solid Fossil 8 Lbs

This is a high quality of Arizona Rainbow Petrified Wood, personally collected from Dobell’s Curios- located just outside The Petrified Wood National Forest! This natural slab is colorful with beautiful details. It is a rare and amazing fossil!! This piece weighs 8 lbs and has nicely preserved bark and colors. It also sits in many […]


Brazilian Petrified Wood slab, sliced, polished, lg, heavy. 100 million yrs old

Brazilian petrified wood, fossilized wood specimen. Micro crystallne quartz composition. Whole part of fossil tree trunk, or large branch, sliced and polished on top side. Beautiful specimen with beautiful colors and detail. Brazil has since restricted the export of specific, particular fossils since they are rare to begin with and therefore they are becoming even […]