SiS GREEN STARBURST WOODWORTHIA Spectacular African Petrified Wood Round

This is one of the most beautifully colored, perfectly preserved and finely detailed of the Zimbabwe Woodworthia specimens I’ve had the pleasure of offering! I wasn’t sure what this log was going to yield and held off cutting it, only to discover the brilliant green spike knot rays and the gorgeous green accent colors highlighting […]


SiS 8 Chinle ARIZONA CRYSTAL FOREST Petrified Wood Round Crystalloxylon

This may be the single most interesting and collectible of all of the magnificent Arizona petrified wood slabs that we’ve offered this year! The high contrast black with coffee colored preservation shows clear rays and rings and reveals an attractive, well polished and beautifully shaped cross section from an ancient conifer. The specimen is lovely […]


Banded Iron Formation Stromatolite Cyanobacteria Tiger Iron Western Australia 8

Polished Tiger Iron Specimen. Banded Iron Formation (BIF). Hamersley Iron District of Western Australia. Archean in Age 3.8-2.7 Billion Years Old. The oldest known Stromatolites (Cyanobacteria) date back to 3.74 Billion years. Consisting of 7/8 of all life that ever existed in the recorded fossil record. Stromatolites were the first organisms that used photosynthesis as […]


SiS HYPNOTIC GLOWING RAINBOW 16 Arizona Petrified Wood Slab -Fossil Araucaria

It’s hard not to love the beautiful natural color in this amazing fossil wood and this piece is as colorful as they get! The beautiful ancient growth rings provides a gorgeous contrast to the vibrant 100% natural agate shades that preserved this 200 million year old tree. The color in this magnificent specimen simply has […]