2.2 Lb Polished Petrified wood Slab Paulina Agate Pink Chalcedony Rare Oregon

Hello, and welcome to our listing! There are some small imperfections on the face and it’s been only partially polished, it will need additional work for a museum grade finish. This specimen is a pink chalcedony replacement of petrified wood from the Crook River in Oregon. The slab has a star shaped translucent banding pattern […]


Polished Petrified Eocene Wood W Touch Agate 2LBS Lake Gosiute Formation Wyoming

This is a larger petrified Eocene wood limb / trunk specimen with a touch of agate which was collected from the Lake Gosiute Formation in Eden Valley, Wyoming. This beautiful specimen has a touch of agate and has been cut and polished on one end. This piece measures 4.55 inches long by 3.70 inches wide […]


WOW Polished Petrified Wood Limb Calcite Touch Agate Sweetwater County Wyoming

This is a rare petrified wood limb specimen with calcite and agate which has been cut and polished on one end and was collected from Wyoming. Wyoming petrified agatize limb specimen measures 4 inches long by 2.36 inches wide at the largest area and would be an excellent addition to any rock and mineral collection.