Petrified Wood Bookends Polished Rock 5 inch Fossilized Arizona Conifer #O2

Petrified Wood Arizona Conifer Polished Rock. Lovely bookends from Petrified Conifer Tree Wood from Northern Arizona. These bookends are 5 inches high, 4 inches wide at the bottom and 1.5 inches thick. They are polished on front and left natural rough around the edges. They are covered with felt in the inside and on the […]


PETRIFIED WOOD Tree Fossil Southern California 4.61 lbs. Natural 6.5 length

This beautiful PETRIFIED WOOD Tree Fossil weighs 4.61 lbs and has a natural length of approximately 6.5 inches. The fossil was found in Southern California and is a great addition to any collection. The unique patterns and colors of the petrified wood make this a stunning piece to display in your home or office. The […]


Petrified Wood Volcanic Fossil Limb Cast Polished YellowCat Utah Colorful Quartz

This exquisite polished petrified wood limb cast comes from Yellow Cat, Utah. It is one of the most beautiful specimens that features a stunning polish with Purple amethyst, orange rings around branches, translucent quartz, with wisps of color seen at various depths. The piece is also great for use in Reiki healing or as a […]


Petrified REDWOOD from GINKO FOREST AREA of WA State that is Very RARE

OPALIZED WOOD from GINKO FOREST AREA near Vantage, WA. This specimen was collected in the early 1960”s, sliced with a diamond blade lapidary saw and then POLISHED 100% on one end. Extremely RARE because prospecting is now banned in these areas of Washington. Remarkable GROWTH LINES in FACE and BARK REPLACEMENT LINES are excellent. FACE […]


Petrified Wood Polished Volcanic Pyramid Fossil Rare Limb Cast Yellow Cat Utah

This exquisite polished petrified wood limb cast comes from Yellow Cat, Utah. It is one of the most beautiful specimens that features a stunning glass like polish. Red, yellow, and orange wisps of color can be seen swirling throughout. One side still has volcanic rock exposed. Two sides are slabbed to reveal the natural beauty […]


Petrified wood

We try to be as accurate as possible in our description we are not experts on the items that we sell so we rely heavily on quality photography and buyers asking questions. We never sell knock- offs or gray market items. We don’t clean repair or otherwise monkey around with anything we push enough dust […]


Petrified WOOD LIMB CASTS of Sunnyside WA x 4 Natural + 1 Polished End

Petrified WOOD LIMB CASTS from Sunnyside, Washington State with four Natural as they came out of the ground and one with a polished end that is perfect. All these specimens came from Yakima Canyon near Sunnyside, WA during the 1960’s. Now all these areas are private property and closed to prospectors. Large solid Petrified WOOD […]