Petrified Snake Wood Core, Jonesii Menegoloxylyn, Yegua Formation, Texas

Petrified Snake Wood Core, 2″ by 1.75″ by 1/4. Self collected and polished. Beautiful small core with weird pore structure that swirls along the plane with a unique blue color. This piece was thought to be from some sort of a burl. Unique piece with well preserved pore structure and core! Thanks for looking and […]


Petrified Fern Log, Cycad Fully Agatized Huge Museum Specimen

Petrified Fern Log , Cycad? Huge Museum Specimen Unusually large display piece not often available. I know I’ve been looking. Awesome bark show full pods and bud structure. You won’t see that on sliced into coffee coaster pieces. Beautiful multicolored fully hard agatized. There was no information with it. I might just keep it with […]


Petrified Joshua tree Protoyucca shadishii Fossil Wood u. V. Reactive

Petrified Joshua tree Protoyucca shadishii Fossil Wood. 3″×1.25″ across face 5 long. Nice section of a very rare wood. Only found in one confirmed location. Thanks for looking please check out all of our items listed in our store. We promise to try and provide the highest quality of polished stones and customer service, so […]