Large Palm Slab Polished Petrified Wood, Walker County, Texas

Add a touch of natural beauty to your collection with this polished petrified wood slab from Walker County, Texas. This stunning piece showcases a unique pattern of vegetation preserved over time, making it a one-of-a-kind addition to any fossil or mineral collection. Crafted from the remains of ancient vegetation, this petrified wood slab boasts a […]


U. V. Reactive Palm Mcmullen County, Texas, Dome Polished Limb. Must See

This beautiful piece of palm petrified wood comes from Mcmullen County in Texas. It has been expertly polished to showcase its unique natural patterns and colors. This fossilized vegetation is a wonderful addition to any collection and can be used for display or educational purposes. This limb gives it a distinctive look that will draw […]


Incredibly Perfect Large Polished Petrified Palm Wood

Text in English suivi d’une traduction fran├žaise. Incredibly Perfect Large Polished Petrified Palm Wood. Palmoxylon species, unfortunately not coconut palm! Large piece of ancient plant life, lots of detail to the outside and a smooth creamy tan core. You can search many years before finding such a beautiful round shape, and a total absence of […]