Tom Miner Basin Montana Petrified Wood slab Old Collection Perfect Round

Tom Miner Basin Montana Petrified Wood Limb slab Old Collection. Bryant Washburn collection of Utah. 6.25″×6″ and 1/4 thick. The Gallatin Petrified Forest, just north of Yellowstone National Park in Tom Miner Basin, contains petrified wood from what is called the Sepulcher Formation (the Petrified Tree in the Lost Lake area is also a member). […]


SiS EXQUISITE 3lb Parnell Canyon Petrified BEECH Wood LOG! VERY RARE & PERFECT

This is a rarely seen and but absolutely beautiful petrified wood collectible from the desert canyons of SW Wyoming. This piece comes from a very high quality estate collection that we had the opportunity to assist with recently and it represents one of the finest examples of these visually stunning gem fossils that you’ll ever […]


SiS OUTSTANDING RARE African Rhexoxylon Mirror Polished Slab PERFECT EXAMPLE

Want something truly unique and absolutely gorgeous in your petrified wood collection or fossil cabinet? This one is sure to be that, and a lot more! This is a medium sized, complete cross section slab from the trunk of a Rhexoxylon from Southern Africa. It’s one of the rarest of the fossil plants we’ve had […]