Petrified Wood Volcanic Fossil Limb Cast Polished YellowCat Utah Colorful Quartz

This exquisite polished petrified wood limb cast comes from Yellow Cat, Utah. It is one of the most beautiful specimens that features a stunning polish with Purple amethyst, orange rings around branches, translucent quartz, with wisps of color seen at various depths. The piece is also great for use in Reiki healing or as a […]


Petrified Wood Polished Volcanic Pyramid Fossil Rare Limb Cast Yellow Cat Utah

This exquisite polished petrified wood limb cast comes from Yellow Cat, Utah. It is one of the most beautiful specimens that features a stunning glass like polish. Red, yellow, and orange wisps of color can be seen swirling throughout. One side still has volcanic rock exposed. Two sides are slabbed to reveal the natural beauty […]


Petrified WOOD LIMB CASTS of Sunnyside WA x 4 Natural + 1 Polished End

Petrified WOOD LIMB CASTS from Sunnyside, Washington State with four Natural as they came out of the ground and one with a polished end that is perfect. All these specimens came from Yakima Canyon near Sunnyside, WA during the 1960’s. Now all these areas are private property and closed to prospectors. Large solid Petrified WOOD […]


Yellow Cat Petrified Wood Fossil Polished Limb Cast Purple Orange Wisp 7 1/2 Lbs

This is a Listing for a unique and rare piece of Yellow Cat Petrified Wood from Utah. Ground and polished on one side this limb cast showcases intricate details of vivid purple (amethyst), smoky quartz (Morion) and orange wisps, making it a stunning addition to any Display or collection. This piece is perfect for enthusiasts […]


WOW Polished Petrified Wood Limb Calcite Touch Agate Sweetwater County Wyoming

This is a rare petrified wood limb specimen with calcite and agate which has been cut and polished on one end and was collected from Wyoming. Wyoming petrified agatize limb specimen measures 4 inches long by 2.36 inches wide at the largest area and would be an excellent addition to any rock and mineral collection.


Double Polished Eocene Petrified Agatized Wood Long Reconstructed Limb, Wyoming

This is a rare petrified agatized wood reconstructed long limb specimen which has been cut and polished on both end faces and which comes from Southwestern Wyoming. This amazing specimen was two pieces of one branch which was reconstructed back together with Starbond in one spot as they had naturally broken where they were preserved […]