Schilderia Adamanica Arizona petrified Wood with Knot Mirror Polished

Schilderia Adamanica Arizona With Knot Mirror Polished. Chinle Formation, Northern Arizona. 7.25″×5″ and 2.5 thick. Out of all Arizona petrified wood found today, less than 3% is Schilderia. This type of wood is found only in the upper Chinle rock formation. Sorry for the reflection in the photos these were the best I could take. […]

SCHILDERIA Arizona Petrified Wood Slab 7.25 x 6.25 Polished+++

SCHILDERIA Arizona Petrified Wood Slab. Beautiful display piece with a high grade polish. This full round slab measures 7.25″ x 6.25″, and its a solid 1/2 thick. Shows amazing wood structure rays and details. Weight is 1.65 lbs. Should make a wonderful addition to anyone’s collection! Please refer to the pictures and contact me if […]