Museum huge plate very rare coal extinct fossil plant Sphenopteris kevretensis

My genuine specimens will be delivered with a “Certificate of authenticity, age and origin” and scientific papers allowing plant identification! Very Rare , unusually complete, interesting extinct fossil sphenopterid fern: Sphenopteris kevretensis SOCKMANS & WILLIERE on big matrix. All detailed data will be provided with the specimen. Upper Carboniferous, Middle Pennsylvanian, Namurian B. 29,0 x […]


Museum quality huge specimen of Lepidodendron Classic big scale tree lycopod

My specimens are genuine and will be delivered with a Certificate of authenticity, age and origin and scientific works copy described this species! I will send You a combine invoice. Beautiful, museum quality , huge detailed specimen of. ” scale tree ” lycopod bark. All detailed and accurate data will be provided with the specimen. […]


SiS MUSEUM GRADE 16 Petrified Palm Wood Specimen Sumatra ESTATE COLLECTION

This is one of the single nicest petrified palm specimens I’ve ever seen! This slab was part of the Jim Leicht collection and it represnts one of the largest and most colorful of the petrified palms we’ve ever offered! The stunning color pattern is accented with a beautiful botryoidal drusy geode cavity that looks like […]