Arizona Rainbow Petrified Wood Natural Slab Rough Raw Center Rare Fossil 12 Lbs

This 12 lbs slab of Arizona Rainbow Petrified was personally collected from Dobells Curios, located just outside The Petrified Wood National Forest. This partial round is a high quality piece with nicely preserved growth rings and bark. The growth rings are visible on both sides with the center nicely preserved and visible also. The coloring […]


SiS MY BEST 11 Arizona FUNGUS INVADED Petrified Wood Choice Collector Piece

This is one of the single rarest forms of petrified wood we’ve had in some time and it is also one of the most attractive mid-size specimens of this sort that you’ll encounter. The strange looking oval shaped patterns framing and permeating this petrified conifer tree are actually the fossil remains of a fungus that […]


SiS SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL Australian Petrified Wood STUNNING 10+ Full Round

This gorgeous petrified wood fossil slab is one of the best I’ve ever offered from Australia! It’s not only intricately preserved, it’s also breathtakingly beautiful!! Very few of these logs are this nicely preserved with such a nice shape. This is really a fantastic specimen from this distant petrified forest! It may be the single […]