LARGE Blue Forest Petrified Wood Botryoidal Gold Calcite Crystals 9 lbs

Super large, heavy blue forest petrified wood slab with both botryoidal bubbles and gold calcite crystals! Already a beautifully polished face with very interesting matrix including ring details, agate fortification, color variety, this piece also has a vent that is full of botryoidal bubbles as well as triangular gold calcite crystals. The reverse is what […]


SiS GLORIOUS 11 Arizona Rainbow Petrified Wood Slab STUNNING RIP CUT PLANK

This very colorful petrified Araucaria wood plank is a true museum piece and represents one of the single most colorful and clean slabs we’ve produced like this from Arizona rainbow petrified wood. It is “rip cut” (cut with the grain) from a well preserved conifer tree and is one of the more visually stunning examples […]


Large 15 8+ lb Polished Petrified Wood Slice Slab Madagascar WithStand C806

Large 15 8+ lb Polished Petrified Wood Slice Slab Madagascar W/Stand C806. This petrified wood slab has a nice smooth surface on both sides and is polished to a high gloss. It measures 11-1/2″ high, 15″ wide and is 3/4 thick. Comes with an acrylic folding stand. All natural except for cutting and polishing. We […]