Premium Indonesian Blue Opalized Petrified Wood Rough Lapidary Block! 790g

This is some of the most amazingly beautiful petrified/fossil wood in the world! Not only did this piece of wood fossilize or petrify over time; but it also has web like veins of gorgeous blue and other colored Opal running throughout!! This incredible piece has been trimmed on 3 sides to make an easy slabbing […]



MASSIVE FOSSIL PETRIFIED WOOD LOG. A tree slice of petrified wood from Madagascar, dating from the Triassic Period, 250m to 200m years old. This Free standing specimen has the classic fossil wood unique look. Measures Approx: 350mm long x 220mm wide. The wood is generally softwood, from the Araucaria family, which includes Ginkgo and Monkey […]


LG. 11 Petrified Wood Slab Fossil Polished Both Sides WithStand Madagascar A1110

11 Petrified Wood Slab Fossil Polished Both Sides W/Stand Madagascar A1110. This petrified wood slab is 9″ tall, 11″ wide, and 3/4 thick. Comes with a clear folding stand. We go to the PO everyday at 1PM Mon. Filing a return or opening a case just takes extra time for both parties. Get Supersized Images […]


Petrified Botryoidal Agatized Wood Limb Cast One Polished Spot Wyoming, America

This is a very amazing rare petrified agatized wood limb cast specimen which has and some petrified algae and which was collected from Wyoming. This gorgeous specimen has been polished on a spot on one end and has beautiful botryoidal agate. This piece measures 6.15 inches long by 3 inches wide and weighs 1 pounds […]


Rare Common Opal Petrified Cedar Wood New Mexico Polished Slab

Rare Common Opal Petrified Cedar Wood New Mexico. Cedar, Conifer polished slab with iron (hematite) inclusions. Nice branches in the face Fra cristobal range, Sierra county, New Mexico 12.25″ × 9.5″ and 10/16 thick. These came out of an old estate all collected pre 1980 sat for 2 generations until recently acquired. This piece has […]


REILLYS ROCKS Top Quality Arizona Rainbow Petrified Wood, 21 Lbs

Vibrant colors of Arizona Rainbow Petrified wood Photographed inside and outside, wet and dry. Weighs approximately 21 lbs. Winner will receive free surprise gift. Will not fit in flat rate box. Check out our other listings! We are a family rockhounding team and we appreciate your business! The item “REILLYS ROCKS Top Quality Arizona Rainbow […]