Big Botryoidal Agatized Petrified Polished Wood Limb Cast South Western Wyoming

This is a Very Nice large rare agatized petrified wood limb cast specimen which was collected from South Western Wyoming. This beautiful specimen has been cut and polished on one end. This piece measures 5.71 inches long by 3.55 inches wide and weighs 3 pounds 6 ounces. This agatized petrified limb cast would be an […]


Petrified Botryoidal Agatized Wood Limb Cast One Polished Spot Wyoming, America

This is a very amazing rare petrified agatized wood limb cast specimen which has and some petrified algae and which was collected from Wyoming. This gorgeous specimen has been polished on a spot on one end and has beautiful botryoidal agate. This piece measures 6.15 inches long by 3 inches wide and weighs 1 pounds […]


Blue Forest Petrified Wood Full Round BOTRYOIDAL Exceptional Polished

Exceptional Blue Forest Petrified Wood Full Round Log with Deep, Rich Blue, and amazing exterior details. Tons of botryoidal bubbles mixed in with gold calcite. There is a branch stump on side as well. The matrix with pronounced ring details is fantastic and the overall color variation makes this an entirely unique polished piece as […]


Blue Forest Petrified Wood Botryoidal Bubbles Galore 8 lbs Polished Log

Holy Botryoidal Bubbles Batman! This incredibly unique Blue Forest Petrified Wood specimen comes with cavity on one side that runs the length from top to bottom, completely full of botryoidal bubbles – purple-ish, white, and other color variations. And, by the way, did you know that botryoidal comes from Greek, translating roughly to bunches of […]


Blue Forest Petrified Wood Full Round Large Polished 2 + lbs -Botryoidal

Amazing Blue Forest Petrified Wood Full Round with a little bit of everything including rich blues, pronounced rings and botryoidal bubbles. This is a complete specimen with great agate fortification as well as color variation. Large specimen measures 8 x 6 1/2 inches across the face with actual limb measuring about 4 3/4 inches in […]


Rare, Unique Polished Petrified Wood Slab with Botryoidal Exterior Bubbles

Amazing, Unknown Petrified Wood Polished Slab with incredible botryoidal (almost concretion) features to exterior. Wild, swirly, interesting matrix across the polished face. Clearly defined tree, trunk shape to exterior with actual branch, bark details at bottom exterior. The specimen surface has a mixture of mineral types agates, quartz crystals, etc… And some of them don’t […]


LARGE Blue Forest Petrified Wood Botryoidal Gold Calcite Crystals 9 lbs

Super large, heavy blue forest petrified wood slab with both botryoidal bubbles and gold calcite crystals! Already a beautifully polished face with very interesting matrix including ring details, agate fortification, color variety, this piece also has a vent that is full of botryoidal bubbles as well as triangular gold calcite crystals. The reverse is what […]