Chromium Petrified Wood Winslow Arizona Old Stock specimen Polished RARE 47g

Chromium Petrified Wood Winslow Arizona Old Stock specimen Polished RARE 47g. 3.6 x 2.2 x 3.6 cm. Here is a very rare and beautiful specimen of Chromium Petrified Wood from Winslow, Navajo Co. This is an old-stock specimen from the singular find in the late 1970s and nothing like it has been found since. The […]


Tree Fern

There are two main petrified forests in Brazil. The petrified forest of Araguaina and one in the region of Sao Pedro Do Sul. Tree ferns don’t have secondary growth so they develop in a way that they form a stable trunk. Geologic Time Period: Permian Period: 280 Million Years Ago. Dimensions: 7″ x 5.75″ x. […]


SiS DARK SMOKE & FIRE COLOR 10 Madagascar Petrified Wood Round Incredible

Want to see all the spooky colors of halloween in a beautifully polished piece of natural art? Look no further than this amazing specimen! This richly colored petrified wood slab is just incredible to see in person. The finish we’ve achieved on this uncommonly dark slab really has remarkable depth and unmatched natural beauty! This […]


SiS PHENOMENAL 16 Hubbard Basin Petrified Wood Round TRULY MUSEUM GRADE

This round comes from one of the most uniquely patterned and best shaped Hubbard Basin logs I’ve personally ever seen. I hope you’ll look past all those crazy reflections in the mirror polished agate face – those dark colors are tough to photograph in such a long piece without getting mirror effects from the beautiful […]


7.0 cts SPECTACULAR Precious Opalized Wood Opal Indonesia. Flash & laser

Our Opalized wood are taken from very fine quality fossil materials. We never add resin or glue to fill holes and cracks, All of our Opalized woods are left at their original state. Glossy surface area made from intense hand polished. Photos and videos taken using Samsung S8 camera (FHD Resolution) setting Auto. We dont […]

SiS EX-LRG PERFECT19 Arizona Rainbow Petrified Wood Conifer Round TABLE TOP

This is one of our largest Arizona Rainbow petrified wood slabs and it would make one spectacular table top! This is a very unique color pattern for Arizona petrified wood. The characteristic oranges and reds are there, but they are laced through a dark blue/gray agate field that is highly translucent! The color in this […]