Indonesian Petrified Wood Fossil Cut & Polished into Bowl Dish 8.4lbs 8.5x8x2.5

DESCRIPTION: Beautiful Multi Colored and Layered Indonesian Petrified Wood Fossil Cut and Polished into a Bowl or Dish. Amazing contrasting color and textural interest!! DIMENSIONS: Approx 8.5″ Long X 8″ Wide X 2.5 Tall. Weight is 8.4lbs. The item “Indonesian Petrified Wood Fossil Cut & Polished into Bowl Dish 8.4lbs 8.5x8x2.5″ is in sale since […]


15417g POLISHED PETRIFIED WOOD FOSSIL Soap-dish Freeform Madagascar A2470

PETRIFIED WOOD FOSSIL Soap-dish. Reddish – Brown;Multi-Color. Item location in China. It will set out from China. They are two separate companies now. Please allow 4 or 5 weeks to receive your item(s). International Buyers – Please Note. So send us a list. All items ending within 28 days can be combined. We will send […]


SiS GORGEOUS BLUE Hubbard Basin Petrified Wood Bookends BREATHTAKING FOSSIL

This is a VERY COLORFUL set of bookends suitable for a mantle or very nicely decorated office or library! This is a very rare find from one of the most famous and prized of all petrified wood collecting spots – it’s actually a fossil gem tree with a gloriously preserved conifer forever frozen in deep, […]


A HUGE! Colorful Cut and Polished Petrified Rainbow Wood Fossil Arizona 4864gr

Hello, here is a HUGE! Colorful and 100% natural ROLLER petrified wood fossil that has been cut on ONE side and highly polished! This “rock” was a fallen tree that lived in the Late Triassic period a crazy! 237 — 201 million years ago! The sediments containing the fossil logs are part of the widespread […]


SiS MY BEST 8 RIP CUT Burmese Petrified Palm Wood Fossil Palmoxylon Myanmar

This may be my favorite petrified wood slab in the entire shop right now! This incredibly fascinating petrified wood slab is cut from one of the best preserved of the petrified palm logs we imported recently from Myanmar. In the past we’ve offered palm specimens from Texas, Louisiana, Indonesia and Wyoming, but this is the […]


Beautiful Large Crystalized Petrified Wood Slab 11×8 Display Rock Fossil

This listing is for a large Polished Petrified Wood Slab, with very neat crystallization in the center. We live in a rural area, so please give me a couple days to drop it off on our next run to town. The item “Beautiful Large Crystalized Petrified Wood Slab 11×8 Display Rock Fossil” is in sale […]


Artisan custom hand crafted 14k yellow gold petrified wood fossil bead necklace

A unique artisan hand carved and strung petrified wood natural and organic bead necklace, completed with a beautiful solid 14k yellow gold large egg shaped clasp. The beads are organic and highly polished. They demonstrate the natural growth lines of the tree. They have a nice cooling feel to the touch. The necklace measures approx. […]


Petrified Joshua tree Protoyucca shadishii Fossil Wood u. V. Reactive

Petrified Joshua tree Protoyucca shadishii Fossil Wood. 3″×1.25″ across face 5 long. Nice section of a very rare wood. Only found in one confirmed location. Thanks for looking please check out all of our items listed in our store. We promise to try and provide the highest quality of polished stones and customer service, so […]