Natural Fossil Petrified Wood Home Table Indoor Decoration Sphere Ct 4350

Go to last slide. Go to next slide. Go to previous slide. Go to slide 3. Go to slide 4. Subscribe to our store and get exclusive discounts. Natural Fossil Petrified Wood Home Table Indoor Decoration Sphere Ct 4350. Natural Fossil Petrified Wood Home Table Indoor Decorative Sphere Ct 4350. Clean with Dry Cloth. 100% […]


Petrified Wood 2.75 inch Stone Sphere Fossil Sequoia USA #O4

Petrified Sequoia Wood Stone Sphere Fossil. This Petrified Wood sphere 2.75 inches or 70 mm in diameter. This one has some natural surface flaws in the light areas. This is Petrified Sequoia Wood from Saddle Mountain, Washington. This species of Sequoia sempervirens is about 15 million years old. Tree trunks were buried under several hundred […]


3.4 Petrified Palm Wood Sphere Rare Fossil Ball Louisiana USA

3.4 PETRIFIED PALM WOOD SPHERE RARE FOSSIL BALL LOUISIANA. Here’s a wonderful and rare petrified palm wood sphere. The sphere is large, colorful, has a great polish, and shows a lot of detail. The workmanship of this palm wood sphere is outstanding. This Fossil Palm Wood sphere is great collector’s item. The approximate weight of […]


Big! Colorful Petrified Rainbow Wood Fossil SPHERE From Arizona 1151gr

Hello, here is a very colorful and 100% natural petrified wood fossil with bright Yellow and Purple colors that has been highly polished into a big beautiful Sphere! It was quarried in Northeast Arizona. This “Sphere” was a fallen tree that lived in the Late Triassic period a crazy! 237 — 201 million years ago! […]


Rare Petrified Wood Shrinkwood Cherokee Ranch, Parker, Colorado 3 Sphere

Cherokee Ranch, Parker, CO. Dawson Arkose Formation/ Late Paleocene. This item is in the category “Collectibles\Rocks, Fossils & Minerals\Fossils\Vegetation\Petrified Wood”. The seller is “howard_and_sons” and is located in this country: US. This item can be shipped to United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Denmark, Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Estonia, Australia, […]


Large Genuine Polished Petrified Wood Sphere from Madagascar (6.75, 15.4 lbs)

Top quality, center-of-a-choice petrified wood sphere from Madagascar. This incredible specimen is shaped from a solid piece of petrified wood. Hand-polished to a mirrored finish. It has an amazing pattern with vibrant hues of brown, red, and orange. Fossilized Petrified Wood, which is also known as Agatized Wood, forms when a tree has died and […]


3.2 Petrified Wood Sphere Fossil Large Opalized Ball Oregon

AWESOME PETRIFIED WOOD SPHERE BALL OPALIZED 3.2D. This is a very high quality petrified/opalized wood sphere. The colors, polish, and patterns, are all outstanding. The approximate weight of this petrified wood sphere is 1 lb 10 oz, and it measures about 3.2 diameter (82mm). Location: Oregon Coast USA. Invoice/receipt will be included in the package. […]


3.5 Petrified Palm Root Sphere Rare Fossil Plant Stone Ball California

PETRIFIED PALM ROOT SPHERE RARE FOSSIL PLANT STONE BALL CALIFORNIA 3.5. Petrified Palm Root Sphere – California. Here’s a wonderful petrified palm root sphere. The sphere is large and shows a lot of detail. Dale, the SphereMaker, made this sphere and his workmanship is outstanding. There are fractures, which are very common in fossils, and […]