RR Perfect Mirror Polished Arizona Rainbow Petrified Wood Round, 31 Lbs

Weighs about 31 lb. Mirror polished one side. Winner will receive free surprise gift. Stunning quality and professionally polished. This is a show piece! Photographed inside and outside. Check out our other listings! We are a family rockhounding team and we appreciate your business! The item “RR Perfect Mirror Polished Arizona Rainbow Petrified Wood Round, […]


Arizona Huge Petrified Wood Perfect Full Round Table Top Slab Resin Coated

This is a perfect huge full round slab (38 3/4 circumference) of Arizona Rainbow Petrified Wood. Very old stock from the early 1960’s with some provenance (proof). This full round has been resin coated perfectly on one side (I actually thought it was polished when I seen it). The slab was apparently resined on newspaper […]


SiS EX-LRG PERFECT 19 Arizona Rainbow Petrified Wood Conifer Round TABLE TOP

This is one of our largest Arizona Rainbow petrified wood slabs and it would make one spectacular table top! This is a very unique color pattern for Arizona petrified wood. The characteristic oranges and reds are there, but they are laced through a dark blue/gray agate field that is highly translucent! The color in this […]