130 Lbs Petrified Date Palm Wood Saudi Arabia Gem 301639 Carats 1952 16Hx14Wx44

Rare Saudi Arabia Petrified Date Palm Alnakhla. Wood Trunk Museum Quality Specimen 130 pound trunk tree 16 inches height X14 inches wide 44 inch waist around base circumference. Area Jabal Al Lawz. Woodpecker Marks are shown in some of the pictures. Total Carat Weight 301639. Pre – Nuh Dated. Thru the Flood with Sea Shell […]

SiS 23 BURMESE Petrified Palm Wood Sculpture Myanmar Fossil Palmoxylon Art

This is one of the most unique, truly one of a kind natural sculptures in petrified wood you’re ever going to see! This is a large section from a heavily weathered petrified palm tree that was carefully hand carved into this remarkable 3-D sculpture! It’s 100% natural petrified palm in a very striking, highly polished […]