Petrified Wood Fossilised Piece Polished Indonesia 29x16x14 cms 6.7 kilos fossil

Petrified Wood clears the path to goals that have challenging hurdles to overcome. Use it to reach the destinations you desire. Petrified Wood helps restore physical energy. It is an excellent healing stone and is good in relieving hip and back problems. The item “Petrified Wood Fossilised Piece Polished Indonesia 29x16x14 cms 6.7 kilos fossil” […]


MONSTER STUNNING Petrified Wood Fossil Indonesia 10.5Kg £183 now £140 FLAWLESS

Did I say it was stunning!!! Excellent tall pillar shape for display in any location.. Such a vibrant mixture of fresh colours and tones. The end finish is highly polished on all sides. Even the top of the wood is remarkable. Traces of manganese creates the blue and black colours and iron trace creates the […]


7.0 cts SPECTACULAR Precious Opalized Wood Opal Indonesia. Flash & laser

Our Opalized wood are taken from very fine quality fossil materials. We never add resin or glue to fill holes and cracks, All of our Opalized woods are left at their original state. Glossy surface area made from intense hand polished. Photos and videos taken using Samsung S8 camera (FHD Resolution) setting Auto. We dont […]