LARGE Blue Forest Petrified Wood Botryoidal Gold Calcite Crystals 9 lbs

Super large, heavy blue forest petrified wood slab with both botryoidal bubbles and gold calcite crystals! Already a beautifully polished face with very interesting matrix including ring details, agate fortification, color variety, this piece also has a vent that is full of botryoidal bubbles as well as triangular gold calcite crystals. The reverse is what […]


Museum quality STUNNING BLUE & GOLD Wyoming Eden Valley Petrified Wood Log

This log is rare in this quality. Deep blue bubbly chalcedony veins run throughout the whole thing. There’s yellow calcite crystal’s that pooled underneath the chalcedony (pics 3..4..5) and it’s oozing out. There’s no cracks or weak spots. The back side has a small spot that’s not covered by chalcedony and it shows a nice […]


Blue Forest Petrified Wood Trio 3 pieces Gold Calcite, Blue, Rings Nice

Three beautiful, complementary blue forest petrified wood specimens, each with their own unique color palette and design. When I polished the three, it became obvious how well they all fit together. A large chunk of gold calcite in one and detailed and numerous rings in the other. The brilliant blue in the final one created […]