SiS MY BEST 11 Arizona FUNGUS INVADED Petrified Wood Choice Collector Piece

This is one of the single rarest forms of petrified wood we’ve had in some time and it is also one of the most attractive mid-size specimens of this sort that you’ll encounter. The strange looking oval shaped patterns framing and permeating this petrified conifer tree are actually the fossil remains of a fungus that […]


Hubbard Basin Petrified Wood Full Round Slab At it’s Best, 10-11 inche

The petrified forest at Hubbard Basin dig site in Nevada arguably has yielded some of the world’s most beautiful petrified wood specimens. This particular log is among the best from this location. The logs from Hubbard Basin have a wide range of colors but blue is probably the most desired. Is highly agatized with pockets […]


SiS MY BEST EVER Wyoming Petrified PALM Wood 12+ Round RARE & WONDROUS

This is by far the best Wyoming petrified palm slab I’ve ever offered. Don’t let this one get away! This is a rarely seen and highly desirable petrified wood collectible from the desert planes of SW Wyoming. It’s a large and complete trunk cross section from a perfectly preserved petrified palm tree! It’s absolutely fascinating […]