Museum quality pre dinosaur fossil plant tree fern coal Pteridophyte Pecopteris

My specimens will be delivered with a “Certificate of authenticity, age and origin” and scientific papers allowing plant identification! I will send You a combine invoice. PLEASE , LOOK AT OTHER ITEMS IN MY STORE!! Pecopteris arborescens SHLOTHEIM – big , museum quality arborescent ” tree” true spore coal fern. All specimen date will be […]


Museum quality beautiful pre dinosaur fossil fern Alethopteris bohemica Franke

My genuine specimens will be delivered with a “Certificate of authenticity, age and origin” and scientific papers allowing plant identification! I will send You a combine invoice. Museum quality, beautiful fossil seed fern species. All data will be provided with the specimen. Stratigraphy: Upper Carboniferous, Pennsylvanian / Stephanian B. 290 – 300 Mya. Matrix dimensions: […]


Museum quality 16 Rip-cut Petrified Wood log from Louisiana/TX border

Here’s a museum quality 16 Rip-cut Petrified Wood palm. Log, formerly of the famous Shreveport collection. It was found somewhere along the Louisiana/TX border. It’s mirror polished on the face and retains the exterior of the palm detail on the back. 41 x 14 cm mirror-polished face. Here’s your chance to own this amazing specimen! […]


SiS MUSEUM GRADE 12+ lb. Eden Valley Petrified Wood Log AMAZING CALCITE XTLS

This is arguably the single finest petrified log we’ve ever offered from Wyoming’s Eden Valley petrified forest! This 100% complete and perfectly preserved log has tons of large and small cubic golden calcite crystals packed into a huge cavity. That cavity and those crystals are much larger than any other I’ve ever seen in one […]


Museum Piece! Grassy Mountain Petrified Wood Polished End Cut Growth Rings 489g

Grassy Mountain Petrified Wood From Malheur, County, Oregon, Growth Rings Are Spectacular! Polished On End Cut, Last One! Polished To A Mirror Finish! Take a look at the last photo, The Unpolished Side. If You Were Walking Through The Malheur County Forrest And Saw That Laying On The Ground You Would Have No Idea It’s […]


Museum quality STUNNING BLUE & GOLD Wyoming Eden Valley Petrified Wood Log

This log is rare in this quality. Deep blue bubbly chalcedony veins run throughout the whole thing. There’s yellow calcite crystal’s that pooled underneath the chalcedony (pics 3..4..5) and it’s oozing out. There’s no cracks or weak spots. The back side has a small spot that’s not covered by chalcedony and it shows a nice […]



This latest slab represents my favorite cut from the whorl of this amazing ancient spruce tree! Very few pieces from a given part of my collection can truly be called “the best”, but this log has definitely produced several slabs that easily earn that label! Here’s a truly amazing museum grade round from my favorite […]