Petrified Wood PEANUT WOOD Fossil TEREDO WOOD Double Hearted 6.2 / 158mm AUS

Peanut Wood/Teredo Wood petrified driftwood slab. Colorful as they go with great detail and agate fortifications filling in the holes where Shipworms originally ate/bored through the wood. Note the dark center exhibiting two hearts. Green River Formation, Laney Shale Member. Eden Valley, Sweetwater County, Wyoming, USA. Or 158mm x 9mm. 100% Natural as found with […]


Banded Iron Formation Stromatolite Cyanobacteria Tiger Iron W. Australia 8.5×6

Polished Tiger Iron Specimen. Banded Iron Formation (BIF). Hamersley Iron District of Western Australia. Archean in Age 3.8-2.7 Billion Years Old. The oldest known Stromatolites (Cyanobacteria) date back to 3.74 Billion years. Consisting of 7/8 of all life that ever existed in the recorded fossil record. Stromatolites were the first organisms that used photosynthesis as […]