SiS GREEN STARBURST WOODWORTHIA Spectacular African Petrified Wood Round

This is one of the most beautifully colored, delicately preserved and finely detailed of the Zimbabwe Woodworthia specimens I’ve had the pleasure of offering! I wasn’t sure what this log was going to yield and held off cutting it, only to discover the spectacular center packed with spike knot rays and the gorgeous green accent […]


100lb AZ Contoured Polished Rare Arizona Petrified Woodworthia Complete Log

Amazing Heart, Faint Growth Rings, & Pimply Bark. The contour polish follows you across the room with it’s shine. Weighs 100 lb a nd is 12 Tall. The polished face measures 8″ x 17″. (recently cut and polished by the renowned Joe’s Rock Shop in Orderville, Utah). This piece would make a beautiful shelf, mantle, […]


SiS MASSIVE 12+ GREEN HEART African Woodworthia Petrified Wood CRYSTAL GEODES

This magnificent and colorful specimen is as unusual for its size as it is the crystal geodes surrounding the brilliant, bright green pith of this uncommonly large woodworthia specimen from Zimbabwe, Africa. How often do you come across an absolutely collection defining petrified wood round? This is absolutely the largest and eye catching of the […]