Giant North American Petrified Wood Tree Stump Museum Quality Unique

Hello and welcome to my listing of this Magnificent Petrified Wood specimen. Possibly Cypress (we are awaiting verification from several universities), this Massive Fossil is unique in the entire world. It would be an excellent addition to any rare fossil collection. You may see plenty of petrified logs out there that are just laying around […]


SiS EXTRAORDINARY 15 Hubbard Basin Petrified Wood Round Large & Unique Slab

What could I possibly say that the picture doesn’t say better? ! This kind of shape and such unusual color in an absolutely flawless, beautifully shaped round is a very rare opportunity that even the most experienced collectors rarely encounter. We have the best selection of Hubbard Basin petrified wood you can find bar none […]


SiS EXCEPTIONAL 13+ Hubbard Basin Petrified Wood Round VERY UNIQUE COLOR

The more you look at this amazing slab, the more you find to love! This round comes from one of the best and most uniquely patterned, colorful and best preserved Hubbard Basin logs I’ve personally ever seen. Everything about it is magnificent, including one of the most dramatic color displays I’ve seen in any petrified […]

Petrified Turtle! Agatized Tortise, With Complete Shell! UNIQUE. Must See to Belie

Truely a Cool Pet Rock! 2.066″L x1.588″W x1.398Deep. A Perfectly Petrified (Agatized) Tortise! I can Almost guarantee that youll NEVER find another like This beauty!!! The soft head, legs & tail are gone, of course. Indents on the shell show where legs rested under its shell & head on top of it. Inside meat is […]