SiS Petrified Wood Log MASSIVE 9 WOODWORTHIA Fossil Sculpture

This is one of the single largest perfect specimens of this particular variety of petrified wood I have ever seen, let alone finished! It’s a giant fossil Woodworthia that we’ve fashioned into a standing sculpture suitable for display in a cabinet, table, mantle or desk. I’ve cut a couple of other logs this large but […]


SiS INCREDIBLE Blue Forest Petrified Wood Log Sculpture THIS ONE HAS IT ALL

The lighting conditions were marginal but this piece is so beautiful I couldn’t wait to share it! This large sculpture is both colorful and perfectly detailed – they simply don’t get much better! This is a sculpture fashioned from a log that was roughly 2/3 complete that reveals a gorgeous bubble blue agate cascading down […]


SiS GORGEOUS & COLORFUL AGATE 7.5 lb. Hubbard Basin Petrified Wood Sculpture

This is just an incredible display of 100% natural color preserving an ancient petrified spruce log!! This natural stone sculpture is cut from a gem grade petrified log with an amazing external weathered wood grain surface and beautiful, solid agate on the inside. The growth rings are very visible through the nearly the entire specimen […]


SiS GALACTIC ARIZONA Petrified Wood Display Mantel Piece Natural Sculpture

This unbelievably colorful petrified wood fossil looks like all of the color of the universe swirling into a nebulous vortex! Historically I haven’t had the chance to work with a lot of Arizona petrified wood since decent logs are hard to come by from this forest this far north, but I do manage to stumble […]


SiS BRILLIANT 18# ARIZONA Petrified Wood Display Mantel Piece Natural Sculpture

The color in this piece is so brilliant that my camera struggled not to meltdown in the direct sunlight with all of those bold oranges, yellows, purples and reds! This absolutely massive and beautiful piece of gem fossil wood is the end cut from one of the most colorful Arizona rainbow petrified wood logs I’ve […]


SiS MASSIVE 9 lb. Blue Forest Petrified Wood Log My Finest Log Sculpture

This is absolutely one of the finest and largest petrified log display specimens we’ve ever been able to offer from this fine location! If you follow our work regularly you’ve probably seen the museum grade slabs that this log produced. Offered now is the final cut from the log which produced this magnificent natural sculpture! […]


SiS MAGNIFICENT RIP CUT 17 lb ARIZONA Petrified Wood Display Natural Sculpture

This spectacular piece of natural fossil art shows clearly how the Arizona “rainbow wood” earned its name! This beautiful piece of petrified wood is cut from one of the most colorful Arizona rainbow petrified logs I’ve personally handled! This gorgeous log is “rip cut” along the wood grain instead of across it which reveals all […]


SiS INCREDIBLE 7.2 lb. HOLLOW LOG Petrified Wood Sculpture McDermitt, OR

This is one of the most intriguing and beautiful of all the McDermitt petrified logs we’ve cut! The log had begun to decay and was partially hollow before it was petrified, producing this marvel fossil gemstone masterpiece millions of years in the making! It’s a true collector quality petrified wood specimen that shows the beauty […]