Extremely Rare Dome Polished Brogan Oregon Petrified Wood Limb Agate Round 15.8z

Brogan Fossil Wood is a difficult to acquire, yet highly desirable species of petrified wood that is best distinguished by the intricately detailed and perfectly preserved round limb specimens with complete exterior bark, just as this specimen exhibits! In addition, hard wood vessel remnants in red and yellow are readily viewed when the fully agatized […]


Rare Post Oregon Face Polished Sycamore Petrified Wood Agate Limb Plank 5lb 7oz

This listing entails a rare opportunity to acquire an extremely scarce and quite large, mirror flat face polished specimen of petrified, agatized section of plank cut Sycamore originating from the renowned deposit at Post, Oregon! These specimens are highly prized among collectors as the preservation of the Sycamore is OUTSTANDING! The species-defining medullary rays initiate […]


SiS BEAUTIFULLY SPOKED Sweet Home Oregon Petrified Wood Slab Unknown Hardwood

I’ve been trying to get a positive ID on this specimen for a couple of years but haven’t found anything definitive. It’s a beautiful and interesting hardwood with strong medullary rays in a very kinky pattern! There are similarities to everything from sycamore to alder, but it’s not an exact match for any of the […]


Greenhorn Oregon Fossil Agate Golden Tempskya Fern Petiole Petrified Rare 6.3lb

This listing offering features an extraordinarily rare gemstone non-cut fossil and it is from a location that has been long filled in for five or more decades, a complete, all natural specimen of Golden Agatized Jasperized Tempskya Fern from the Greenhorn Mountains of Oregon! This unique fern fossil displays complete cellular preservation in yellow, orange […]


Petrified Wood Grassy Mountain Oregon, Polished both Sides Museum Quality 483g

Petrified Wood from Grassy Mountain, Malheur County, oregon. Amazing Patterns and Grains! Polished both sides to a Mirror Finish. Not a professional photographer but will let the photos do the talking for this piece. Dimensions: 5.25″ x 5″ x. 75 Weight: 483 Grams or 1#. The item “Petrified Wood Grassy Mountain Oregon, Polished both Sides […]