SiS GLORIOUS 16 lb. GREEN & RED Hampton Butte Oregon Petrified Wood Stand-up

One more massive, amazing display of color in petrified wood to celebrate the arrival of 2021 and our newest outlet! This unbelievable gem fossil is a huge piece of petrified wood from Oregon’s famous Hampton Butte – home to the “Oregon Green” petrified wood casts. This one goes far beyond green though with a richness […]


LARGE Polished Rare Green Jasper Replaced Petrified Wood Limb Casting Oregon

This is a rare very large green jasper replaced petrified wood limb cast specimen which has been polished on one end and cut flat on one side and which was collected from Oregon. This piece stands upright for display on three sides. There are only a handful of places in the world that produces green […]


Vibrant Miocene Petrified Bogwood (Green Jasper) from McDermitt, Oregon 12.8 cm

The Gallery of Gems and Minerals. Miocene Petrified Bogwood (green jasper). Dimensions of Specimen (cm). 12.8 x 7.5 x 3.8 cm. Treatments: Stock #: Other. 18.02.008 felt bottom for protection. Excellent sliced and polished (one side) specimen of green jasper (dogwood). It ranges from cream colored to pale green to a vibrant blue-green! This can […]