SiS 5.3 lb. PERFECT FENCE POST Petrified Wood Woodworthia Log Zimbabwe

One of the most perfect larger logs we’ve ever offered, you could collect the rest of your life and not see another Woodworthia specimen this beautiful! This stout log has it all – a gorgeous interior, an immaculate exterior and a perfect fence post shape!! This one even has some of the highly coveted green […]


RR Perfect Mirror Polished Arizona Rainbow Petrified Wood Round, 31 Lbs

Weighs about 31 lb. Mirror polished one side. Winner will receive free surprise gift. Stunning quality and professionally polished. This is a show piece! Photographed inside and outside. Check out our other listings! We are a family rockhounding team and we appreciate your business! The item “RR Perfect Mirror Polished Arizona Rainbow Petrified Wood Round, […]


Perfect BARK! On This HUGE Polished Petrified Wood Fossil From Utah! 9555gr e

Hello, here is a huge super nice and 100% natural petrified wood fossil that has been cut and highly polished! It has VERY well defined reddish/cream colored bark with a contrasting black and white interior… And is out of the Morrison Formation in Southeast Utah. This “rock” was a fallen tree that lived in the […]