SiS OUTSTANDING COLOR 7 African Rhexoxylon Mirror Polished Slab RARE & ANCIENT

This is a very colorful, complete cross section slab from the trunk of a fossil Rhexoxylon from Southern Africa. It’s one of the rarest of the fossil plants we’ve had the privilege of working with and this one represents a particularly nice example of the species. The open cavities correspond with the softer growth structure […]

SMB OUTSTANDING Rainbow Petrified Wood CHINLE w / Agate Fortifications 4.92lb

Petrified Wood from Arizona CHINLE FORMATION – Thick ROUND Cornered Cut – 4.92 lbs! – OUTSTANDING COLORING, and long COLORFUL AGATE BANDING FORTIFICATIONS. RARE AND UNIQUE Agate banding fortifications – ZOOM IN AND LOOK AT WHOLE PIECE! – This is one of the prettiest pet wood pieces ive seen – The agate bands, and sweeping […]