SiS 11+ BURMESE Petrified Palm Wood Heel Cut Fossil Palmoxylon from Myanmar

This virtually perfect slab is cut from the end of one of the largest of the petrified palm logs we imported recently from Myanmar. In the past we’ve offered palm specimens from Texas, Louisiana, Indonesia and Wyoming, but this is the best batch of petrified palm logs we’ve ever had the pleasure of cutting! We […]

SiS 23 BURMESE Petrified Palm Wood Sculpture Myanmar Fossil Palmoxylon Art

This is one of the most unique, truly one of a kind natural sculptures in petrified wood you’re ever going to see! This is a large section from a heavily weathered petrified palm tree that was carefully hand carved into this remarkable 3-D sculpture! It’s 100% natural petrified palm in a very striking, highly polished […]