Large Petrified Wood Log 17 lbs 10.5 long 5 wide 8 tall Polished on t/b

Huge Half log split in half by Mother Nature. This log has it all, colors, vugs, quartz and small pockets of druzy crystals. Outer bark is heavily agatetized with pockets of crystals. Quartz veins can be seen throughout the wood. The inner bark is spectacular, grains and cell structure very detailed. 17 POUNDS, stands on […]


Exquisite Petrified Wood Bookends 9 3/4 wide 9 high 1 3/4 thick 12.0 lbs

#13191 is a large set of petrified wood bookends that are predominantly shades of brown; beige, milk chocolate and dark chocolate with mauve highlights. They have natural cavities and fissures filled with white and light blue sparkling crystals, and multi colored bark that is perfect and completely intact. They weigh 12.0 pounds and are 9 […]