Amazing ARIZONA Petrified Wood Slab (13×11) Thick Cut 1 Polished+++

Amazing “Arizona” Petrified Wood Slab. This larger high grade display piece measures 13″ tall by 11″ wide. It is a 1 thick cut full round slab and weighs a very solid 9.9 pounds! It is polished and in excellent shape showing phenomenal colors and details. Will be a wonderful piece to add to any collection! […]


Exquisite Petrified Wood Bookends 9 3/4 wide 9 high 1 3/4 thick 12.0 lbs

#13191 is a large set of petrified wood bookends that are predominantly shades of brown; beige, milk chocolate and dark chocolate with mauve highlights. They have natural cavities and fissures filled with white and light blue sparkling crystals, and multi colored bark that is perfect and completely intact. They weigh 12.0 pounds and are 9 […]