Exquisite Petrified Wood Bookends 15 1/2 wide 9 5/8 tall 1 7/8 thick 16.4 lbs

#13604 is an extra large pair of petrified wood bookends that are many shades of brown and gray with white highlights. They have beautiful rugged multicolored bark and small natural cavities filled with blue-gray crystals. They weigh 16.4 pounds and are 15 1/2 wide, 9 5/8 tall and 1 7/8 thick standing vertically or 19 […]


Very Large Petrified Fossil Wood Specimen 11.5 inches tall RefLRG45 UK Seller

A large, polished Fossil Wood specimen from Indonesia This beautiful fossil wood specimen measures 80mm x 140mm across the base and stands 290mm (11.5 inches) tall and weighs 4.5kg This fossil wood dates from the late Tertiary period and is approx 20 million years old. Indonesia has some of the largest deposits of fossil wood […]