Ami Great Table Top Glued Petrified Wood One Side Polished 30.6 lbs

Everything is on sale! You’ll see a 10% Discount. The Specimen you’ll get. You’ll enjoy this 100% natural, pure petrified wood polished on one side. It comes from Indonesia. It has been glued so you can use it as table top e. Weighs approx 30.6 lbs and measures approx 17.5″x17.5″. There are 2 pieces available […]

AZ Petrified Wood Table

We hand-select stumps of petrified wood from Arizona and bring them back to our studio where we cut and hand-polish them to a glossy finish. This table was hand-crafted from two slabs of one stump, joined together and on a custom built stand. The side table is 14″x17″x28.5 and 34 pounds. This is a true […]