SiS OUTSTANDING COLOR 7 African Rhexoxylon Mirror Polished Slab RARE & ANCIENT

This is a very colorful, complete cross section slab from the trunk of a fossil Rhexoxylon from Southern Africa. It’s one of the rarest of the fossil plants we’ve had the privilege of working with and this one represents a particularly nice example of the species. The open cavities correspond with the softer growth structure […]


SiS ODDLY PRESERVED 16+ Hubbard Basin Petrified Wood Slab CRAZY INCLUSIONS

Here’s a breathtaking and head scratching specimen all in one! This is one of the strangest Hubbard Basin petrified wood rounds I’ve ever had. It’s loaded with hematite and other minerals to provide a rich array of color and some strange, super-sized inclusions overlaying the detailed wood grain. The color spectrum represented in this log […]


SiS FANTASTIC UNUSUAL COLOR Hubbard Basin Petrified Wood Slab Collector Piece

Ever long for a world class petrified wood specimen from one of the world’s grandest petrified forests but struggle to find one you could afford? Here’s a truly flawless, museum grade slab from my favorite petrified wood deposit at an every day collector price! The color spectrum represented in this log cross section is simply […]


Rare, Unique Polished Petrified Wood Slab with Botryoidal Exterior Bubbles

Amazing, Unknown Petrified Wood Polished Slab with incredible botryoidal (almost concretion) features to exterior. Wild, swirly, interesting matrix across the polished face. Clearly defined tree, trunk shape to exterior with actual branch, bark details at bottom exterior. The specimen surface has a mixture of mineral types agates, quartz crystals, etc… And some of them don’t […]