SiS GIANT 17+ KNOTTY Rip Cut Petrified Wood Plank McDermitt, Oregon

This is one of the more unusual McDermitt piece I’ve seen. This wood was actually found on the surface of a remote part of the McDermitt caldera and shows significant weathering. It’s a very highly agatized piece of petrified wood, and this one is rip cut (not across the grain) to reveal some really amazing […]


Beautiful McDermitt Conifer! Top Shelf

Beautiful round of petrified conifer wood. From the classic location McDermitt, straddling the Oregon-Nevada border. It comes out of one of the finest collections of petrified wood in the Northwest! Perfect, liquid, glassy, mirror polish. Preservation is perfect, and is wonderful under the microscope. Beautiful agate in shades of brown and chocolate. 7 1/2 x […]


Miocene Petrified Bogwood (Green Jasper) from McDermitt, Oregon 944 grams

The Gallery of Gems and Minerals. Miocene Petrified Bogwood (green jasper). Dimensions of Specimen (cm). Polished surface 12.9 x 10.5 cm; at its thickest it is 6.8 cm. Treatments: Weight: Stock #: Other. No Enhancement 944 grams Wood. 18.02.004 felt bottom for protection. Excellent sliced piece of green jasper (dogwood). It ranges from cream colored […]