Massive Petrified Fossil Wood Slice Indonesian 14.75 inches across Ref FW14ew

A massive polished fossil wood slice from Indonesia. This fossil wood specimen is as pictured and measures 20mm thick x 260mm x 375mm (approx 14.75 inches) wide. Come supplied with it’s own custom made metal stand. This fossil wood dates from the late Tertiary period and is approx 20 million years old. Indonesia has some […]


SiS MASSIVE 12+ GREEN HEART African Woodworthia Petrified Wood CRYSTAL GEODES

This magnificent and colorful specimen is as unusual for its size as it is the crystal geodes surrounding the brilliant, bright green pith of this uncommonly large woodworthia specimen from Zimbabwe, Africa. How often do you come across an absolutely collection defining petrified wood round? This is absolutely the largest and eye catching of the […]

SiS MASSIVE 13 ARIZONA Petrified Wood Display Mantel Piece -Natural Sculpture

This spectacular piece of natural fossil art shows clearly how the Arizona “rainbow wood” earned its name! This beautiful piece of petrified wood is cut from one of the most colorful Arizona rainbow petrified logs I’ve personally handled! It’s a truly massive standing sculpture display specimen cut from a nearly full cross section of an […]

SiS MASSIVE ARIZONA Petrified Wood Display Mantel Piece Natural Sculpture

The color in this piece is so brilliant that my camera struggled not to meltdown in the direct sunlight with all of those bold oranges and reds! This absolutely massive and beautiful piece of gem fossil wood is cut from one of the most beautiful and unusually colored Arizona rainbow petrified wood logs I’ve personally […]