Black & Red Schilderia Arizona Petrified Wood Slab 5 3/4 x 6 3/4 inch Polished

This is an exceptional Arizona. Wood slab, a much more uncommon Arizona Petrified Wood with colors mostly comprised of blacks, grays, and sometimes reds, as in this specimen. The streaks of bright red in this Arizona petrified wood slab provide truly outstanding contrast and beauty. The exterior shows good bark details and color variation. Piece […]

32 inch high Petrified Wood Stump, Jurassic Driftwood 145,000,000 yr. Old AZ

Imagine this lovely specimen in your waterfall display or featured next to a barbecue pit or indoor fireplace. Found in the vicinity of Chambers, Apache County AZ, near the Rio Puerco River during land moving operations. It is part of the Morrison Formation dating to the late Jurassic period when a series of volcanic ashfalls […]