Exquisite Petrified Wood Bookends 10 3/8 w x 8 1/4 high, 1 3/4 thick 10.4 lbs

#13617 is a large pair of petrified wood bookends weighing 10.4 pounds. They are 10 3/8 wide, 8 1/4 tall and 1 3/4 thick standing vertically, or 16 3/4 wide, 5 1/8 tall and 1 3/4 thick standing horizontally. They are predominantly black and gray with varying shades of rust and chocolate around their perimeter […]


Exquisite Petrified Wood Bookends 9 3/4 wide 9 high 1 3/4 thick 12.0 lbs

#13191 is a large set of petrified wood bookends that are predominantly shades of brown; beige, milk chocolate and dark chocolate with mauve highlights. They have natural cavities and fissures filled with white and light blue sparkling crystals, and multi colored bark that is perfect and completely intact. They weigh 12.0 pounds and are 9 […]

Exquisite Petrified Wood Bookends 12 5/8 wide, 7 high, 1 3/4 thick, 10.0 lbs

#13261 is a medium-large set of petrified wood bookends weighing 10.0 pounds. They are predominantly shades of green with small beige areas and cream colored highlights. Their natural cavities are attractive and unusual with sparkling brown crystals and their rugged multicolored bark is perfect. They are 12 5/8 wide, 7 high and 1 3/4 thick […]

Exquisite Petrified Wood Bookends13 wide x 9 1/2 high x1 3/4 thick 13.8 lbs

#13186 is a large set of petrified wood bookends that is predominantly shades of brown, from beige to amber, milk chocolate and dark chocolate, with white and black extremes and pink accents. There are small natural cavities strategically placed that look like eyes (in the horizontal position) and a plethora of growth lines, some with […]

32 inch high Petrified Wood Stump, Jurassic Driftwood 145,000,000 yr. Old AZ

Imagine this lovely specimen in your waterfall display or featured next to a barbecue pit or indoor fireplace. Found in the vicinity of Chambers, Apache County AZ, near the Rio Puerco River during land moving operations. It is part of the Morrison Formation dating to the late Jurassic period when a series of volcanic ashfalls […]