SiS GORGEOUS 12+ Saddle Mountain PICTURE WOOD Fossil Petrified Wood Slab

The photo is poor but the stone is magnificent. This one is beautifully accented with black dendrites streaking through the center half of it! This is a truly unique and absolutely beautiful petrified wood slab cut from an ancient fossil conifer from Washington State’s Saddle Mountain. This nicely shaped slab features gorgeous, kinky wood grain […]


Petrified Wood Bowl Made in Utah 12 lb 5 oz Black Inside 4 Tall Gorgeous Piece

Petrified Wood Bowl Made in Utah 12 lb 5 oz Black Inside 4 Tall Gorgeous Piece. Please see photos for measurements. We are professional, full-time, USA sellers. Don’t believe us? Go check out our feedback! Please look at measurements and condition description before purchasing. Check out all our photos of the item as well. Please […]


Gorgeous GLASSY 15 Arizona Petrified Wood Round The Other BLUE FOREST

This is a really captivating and unusually colored slab from the famous Blue Forest area of the Arizona petrified forest! This is a full and virtually complete cross section slab cut from a very highly agatized log. It’s a lovely blue/gray shade with gorgeous accents of black, orange, white and red splashed throughout the colorful […]