SiS MY FINEST 12+ lb. Blue Forest Petrified Wood Log GORGEOUS BLUE AGATE

This log is truly what Blue Forest petrified wood is all about! This 100% complete and perfectly preserved log has a full algae cast suspending the agate infused petrified log forever frozen inside! The blue agate pattern laced through the wood grain is as nice as you’re ever going to see! The blue agate is […]


Blue Forest Petrified Wood Full Round BOTRYOIDAL Exceptional Polished

Exceptional Blue Forest Petrified Wood Full Round Log with Deep, Rich Blue, and amazing exterior details. Tons of botryoidal bubbles mixed in with gold calcite. There is a branch stump on side as well. The matrix with pronounced ring details is fantastic and the overall color variation makes this an entirely unique polished piece as […]


SiS INCREDIBLE Blue Forest Petrified Wood Log Sculpture THIS ONE HAS IT ALL

The lighting conditions were marginal but this piece is so beautiful I couldn’t wait to share it! This large sculpture is both colorful and perfectly detailed – they simply don’t get much better! This is a sculpture fashioned from a log that was roughly 2/3 complete that reveals a gorgeous bubble blue agate cascading down […]


SiS MASSIVE 9 lb. Blue Forest Petrified Wood Log My Finest Log Sculpture

This is absolutely one of the finest and largest petrified log display specimens we’ve ever been able to offer from this fine location! If you follow our work regularly you’ve probably seen the museum grade slabs that this log produced. Offered now is the final cut from the log which produced this magnificent natural sculpture! […]