SiS Rhexoxylon africanum EXTREMELY RARE 11 Madagascar Petrified Wood Round

This may be the rarest fossil I’ve ever had the pleasure of cutting! While I have had the privilege of cutting and preparing fine specimens from all over the African continent, I’d never seen one like it from Madagascar – or anywhere else for that matter! The lobed growth structure and hollow pith are characteristics […]

CHROMIUM! Extremely RARE Mint GREEN Petrified Wood Log ARIZONA 57.6

Extremely RARE Mint GREEN Petrified Wood Log ARIZONA 57.6. Don’t miss this! This rare and very collectable treasure measures 1 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ x 1 7/16 (38x38x37mm). Weight is 57.6 grams. Interesting Fact: Chromium Petrified Wood will change hues due to humidity or dryness. True Chromium Wood will be some shade of mint Green. […]

Extremely rare petrified wood log with ancient beaver chewing

This is a “once in a collector’s lifetime” specimen of fine detailed wood grain with dramatic prehistoric “beaver gnawing’s” captured for eternity. After half a century of specimen collecting, this represents the only such example i have personally seen of this aspect of the ancient world captured in vivid detail. If you are a serious […]