Petrified Wood Bookends Large Cedar from Ginkgo Petrified Forest Pair 9 x 6 x 2

A pair bookends of polished petrified wood. 9 x 6 x 2 inches each. Weighs total for the two is 11.14 oz. There is a small transparent sticker still on one that says Souvenir of Ginkgo Petrified Forests Cedar. Tree bark is evident. Cracks are natural and add character. Felt is on both of the […]


Exquisite Petrified Wood Bookends 9 3/4 wide 9 high 1 3/4 thick 12.0 lbs

#13191 is a large set of petrified wood bookends that are predominantly shades of brown; beige, milk chocolate and dark chocolate with mauve highlights. They have natural cavities and fissures filled with white and light blue sparkling crystals, and multi colored bark that is perfect and completely intact. They weigh 12.0 pounds and are 9 […]


SiS GORGEOUS 10 lb. Ultra-Rare BURMESE Petrified Wood Bookends MYANMAR Fossil

This slab comes from the single largest log that we imported last year from Myanmar. We’ve found a new source for quality petrified wood specimens and have been off on a series of adventures trying to secure some of these new petrified logs! It looks very much like some of the well preserved hardwoods found […]


SiS PHENOMENALLY BEAUTIFUL REDWOOD Petrified Wood Bookends Saddle Mtn. Wash

This gorgeous set of bookends is the single largest set we cut from one of the most perfectly fossilized and most uniquely colored Washington State petrified wood logs we’ve come across in quite some time. This is not from the Yakima River Canyon, but actually comes from the Saddle Mountain area. It’s a beautiful specimen […]