SiS MY FINEST Large 8+ Blue Forest Petrified Wood Round SUPER BLUE AGATE

You could collect for a lifetime and never see a piece more dramatic than this one from this incredible forest. The fact that this log is nearly 9 wide alone puts it in a class by itself, but throw in the copious blue agate and the stunning wood grain formed within the beautifully preserved wood […]


SiS GORGEOUS & COLORFUL AGATE 7.5 lb. Hubbard Basin Petrified Wood Sculpture

This is just an incredible display of 100% natural color preserving an ancient petrified spruce log!! This natural stone sculpture is cut from a gem grade petrified log with an amazing external weathered wood grain surface and beautiful, solid agate on the inside. The growth rings are very visible through the nearly the entire specimen […]


Blue Forest Petrified Palm Wood Rare Agate Fortified 8 inch Round

Truly Unique Blue Forest Petrified Palm Wood Full Round – amazing with blue agate fortification and constellation-like agate shapes across the face. 8 inches in diameter! About 1 1/4 inches thick! Weighs 4 lbs 13 ounces. Please note, that some palm specimens have a more porous surface (because of the round dot-like cells common to […]


6.18lb Natural Petrified Wood Sphere Fossil Agate Quartz Crystal Ball Madagascar

Welcome t0 lichunxiao-crystal wish you a happy shopping. Natural Petrified Wood Sphere Fossil Agate Quartz Crystal Ball Madagascar. All the items are shooting in nature lights, please kindy view the pictures for details. Weight and size of stone may still vary slightly from piece to piece due to difference in calibration of. Color may not […]


Extremely Rare Dome Polished Brogan Oregon Petrified Wood Limb Agate Round 15.8z

Brogan Fossil Wood is a difficult to acquire, yet highly desirable species of petrified wood that is best distinguished by the intricately detailed and perfectly preserved round limb specimens with complete exterior bark, just as this specimen exhibits! In addition, hard wood vessel remnants in red and yellow are readily viewed when the fully agatized […]