Incredible Stinking Water Golden Oak round! TRIPPLE HEARTSTOP SHELF

Big, beautiful, super rare round of petrified oak. From the classic location Stinking Water Pass in central Oregon. It does not get much better then this. Incredible round that demands to be the center of your collection! THREE Hearts and wild grain! It comes out of one of the finest collections of petrified wood in […]


SiS INCREDIBLE Blue Forest Petrified Wood Log Sculpture THIS ONE HAS IT ALL

The lighting conditions were marginal but this piece is so beautiful I couldn’t wait to share it! This large sculpture is both colorful and perfectly detailed – they simply don’t get much better! This is a sculpture fashioned from a log that was roughly 2/3 complete that reveals a gorgeous bubble blue agate cascading down […]



This is the longest log that we’ve ever offered from this site. Very few petrifed wood deposits produce pieces that are solid and fracture free enough to produce such elongated, dramatic specimens. We’ve found a new source for quality petrified wood specimens and have been off on a series of adventures trying to secure some […]


Incredible Detail

Absolutely outstanding piece of New Mexico petrified wood. This piece weighs in at 27 pounds and would be great to cut and polish, or let be and enjoy for a lifetime. And you will receive a hand knapped arrowhead as a bonus gift. The item “INCREDIBLE DETAIL” is in sale since Tuesday, May 16, 2017. […]


SiS INCREDIBLE 7.2 lb. HOLLOW LOG Petrified Wood Sculpture McDermitt, OR

This is one of the most intriguing and beautiful of all the McDermitt petrified logs we’ve cut! The log had begun to decay and was partially hollow before it was petrified, producing this marvel fossil gemstone masterpiece millions of years in the making! It’s a true collector quality petrified wood specimen that shows the beauty […]