2452g Polished PETRIFIED WOOD BRANCH Fossil Madagascar A2394

PETRIFIED WOOD BRANCH Fossil. Reddish – Brown;Multi-Color. Petrified Wood branch from Madagascar. This slab is cut from the log of a petrified tree, cut flat on top and polished. The rough bottom is flat enough across the piece to allow the piece to stand on its own, great for display. They are two separate companies […]


REILLYS ROCKS Arizona Petrified Wood With Vibrant Colors Contour Polished 98 Lb

Professionally hand polished In Holbrook Arizona. This piece is extremely well preserved with virbrant colors and quartz inclusions. This is from the famous Dobell ranch from near the Petrified forest. This has been dug up. Excellent hard to find item. Winner will receive free surprise gift. Check out our other listings! We are a family […]