SiS MY FINEST 12+ lb. Blue Forest Petrified Wood Log GORGEOUS BLUE AGATE

This log is truly what Blue Forest petrified wood is all about! This 100% complete and perfectly preserved log has a full algae cast suspending the agate infused petrified log forever frozen inside! The blue agate pattern laced through the wood grain is as nice as you’re ever going to see! The blue agate is […]


SiS GLORIOUS 12 Arizona Rainbow Petrified Wood Slab STUNNING RIP CUT PLANK

This very colorful petrified Araucaria wood plank is a true museum piece and represents one of the single most colorful and clean slabs we’ve produced like this from Arizona rainbow petrified wood. It is “rip cut” (cut with the grain) from a well preserved conifer tree and is one of the more visually stunning examples […]