Giant Prehistoric PETRIFIED WOOD RAINBOW FOSSIL from Arizona Rock Shop

Made up of almost solid quartz, each piece of petrified wood, aptly named a Rainbow Fossil is like a giant crystal, often sparkling in the sunlight with a rainbow of colors produced by impurities in the quartz such as iron, carbon, and manganese. Dimensions : Approximately 17″ x 14″ x 11. Weight : 65.00 lbs. […]


SiS IMMACULATE African Rhexoxylon Petrified Wood Round RARE CHATOYANCE

Want something truly unique and absolutely gorgeous in your petrified wood collection or fossil cabinet? This one is sure to be that, and a lot more! This is a virtually complete and immaculately preserved cross section slab from the trunk of a Rhexoxylon from Southern Africa. This exceptional specimen includes all of the important features […]